Available for First, Primary, Middle and Upper schools, working with pupils to write their own school song.

Starting with a blank sheet of paper, pupils work collaboratively to first create lyrics and then add melody (and harmony for Upper schools).

At the end of the day, the completed song is performed by the pupils and can be recorded onto a tablet or phone.  Schools are also given a written copy of the melody, lyrics and chords.

School Song In A Day - Songwriting Workshops

Duration: 1 day

Suitable for: First, Primary, Middle and Upper schools

Group sizes:

1 - First and Primary: Progressive sessions working from Reception ending with oldest class,

2 - Middle and Upper:  10-40 pupils

Curriculum elements:  Literacy, listening skills, rhythm, dynamics, tempo, composition, performance

Cost: £250 + travel

"We had a fantastic day with Liz writing a school song.  The pupils were really inspired and under Liz's direction were able to create an amazing song that our school has sung on a number of occasions.  All the ideas came from the children and Liz enabled them to collate their ideas into a song structure with lyrics and melody.  The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day and I as their teacher learnt a tremendous amount as well.  I cannot recommend it enough! I still hear pupils around the school singing the song (and not just the ones that were part of writing it!)"
Head of Music, West Moors Middle School

"I wanted to thank you for all your hard work today.  The song is lovely and we will enjoy singing it. The children (and staff) really enjoyed the experience.  I hope we get to work with you again."
Headteacher, Hampreston First School

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