Singing Workshop

The emphasis in this singing workshop is to promote confidence and enjoyment.  It can either explore different aspects of music such as genre, harmony or rhythm or be related to a chosen theme. There are many options available for the theme of the songs.  They include;

  • Music hall songs

  • Songs from the World Wars

  • World music – Mexico, France, China etc.

  • Folk music (British, English or European)

  • Animal songs

  • Songs about how I feel

  • Impossible songs!

  • Songs about the sea


The songs are introduced in their cultural / historical context, often including watching a short video clip.  Depending on the class age and suitability, harmony or multi-part songs provide an opportunity to advance children’s confidence and singing ability.

Duration: 1 hour

Suitable for: Reception to Year 6

Group size: around 30 children

Curriculum elements:  Topic-link, singing, performance, harmony (if suitable), listening skills, pitch, rhythm, dynamics, tempo

Cost: £50 + travel

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