Music notation – how to read and write music

(with jam sessions!)

A series of sessions that teach how we read and write music, with opportunities for playing instruments throughout.  Children learn one notation element at a time, working in small groups on whatever music instruments the school has available. At the end of each session, a short improvised music jam is fun!


Sessions will be based around the following elements, depending on the children’s age;


  • The basics, exploring how we write down rhythms: crotchets, quavers, rests and time signatures.

  • Moving on to pitch: the stave, clefs, the piano keyboard and how it connects with other instruments.

  • Dynamics notation, performance directions and tempo markings.

  • What are sharps and flats and why do we need them? Examining key signatures and accidentals. The cycle of fifths.

  • Chords, the harmonic series and orchestral instruments.


Duration:1 hour weekly for up to a term

Suitable for: Year 2 to Year 8

Group size: around 30 children

Curriculum elements:  Music notation, pitch, rhythm, dynamics, tempo, listening skills, improvisation.

Cost: £50 per session + travel

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