Composing with junk percussion / kitchen percussion

Fun and interactive learning using junk or kitchen objects such as brooms, spoons, plastic bottles, buckets and bowls to create an exciting and vibrant piece of music.


Using everyday objects creates a fresh approach to music making:

  • What sounds can I make with this?

  • What kind of sounds are they?

  • How do they blend with the rest of the group?


The class then investigate pitch, dynamics, tempo, timbre and rhythm to create a new piece of music in a “hands-on” atmosphere.  Working first in small groups then as a whole, the workshop ends with a performance which can be recorded onto i-pad etc.

Duration:1 hour

Suitable for: Reception to Year 8

Group size: around 30 children

Curriculum elements:  pitch, dynamics, tempo, timbre, rhythm, composition, listening skills and performance

Cost: £50 + travel

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